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May 31

Fanny Bay Oysters

Shucked Oyster Meat

Posted by Fanny Bay Oysters

Fanny Bay Oysters employee putting shucked oyster meat into tub

The production of our shucked oyster meat comes primarily from our farms in Okeover and the Desolation Sound. We grow these oysters in a unique way, fit for these unique locations. These Fjords off the Sunshine Coast are very deep water ways that have the perfect conditions for growing oysters on deep water tubes. We set larvae on the tubes, put them in a nursery mod for a few months, and then hang them individually along a long line for up to three years. This oysters grow into plump, sweet oysters that get harvested and sent to the Fanny Bay Oysters processing plant. Once these oysters reach the plant, they get shucked by our experienced team of shuckers, who can do up to 68 gallons of shucked meat each day. Once our shucked oyster meat is processed it gets packed and sent out all over the world for making pan fried oysters, oyster stews, and a multitude of other incredible oyster dishes.