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Mar 16

Fanny Bay Oysters

Are Shellfish Really Aphrodisiacs?

Posted by Fanny Bay Oysters

Golden Mantle Oyster

Oysters: Nature’s Viagra. You have probably heard it before, but is it true? For hundreds of years, people have claimed raw oysters are an aphrodisiac; the famous 18th Century Italian romantic, Casanova, reportedly ate 50 raw oysters for breakfast everyday to improve his libido! While research is not conclusive on this matter, there is some evidence that suggests shellfish (not just oysters) may provide amino acids that aid in the production of sexual hormones. A study led by Dr. George Fisher found that these amino acids found naturally in raw oysters (the compounds break down when cooked) leads to increased production of testosterone in animal tests. While there are no conclusive human studies, this study suggests the potential that there may be something behind the saying that raw oysters are an aphrodisiac! Now go eat some raw oysters!