Our Story

Building Our Legacy

Two men harvesting shellfish

More than 30years ago, Fanny Bay Oysters began farming shellfish in British Columbia, Canada and over the years have gained world recognition for our top quality products. We are a fully integrated company that farms oysters, clams, and mussels in the Baynes, Desolation, and Okeover Sounds. With a long history of excellence in innovative farming techniques and high quality products, we are a trusted source of safe and sustainable seafood. As we continue to grow, we are an industry leader in sustainablity, best practice farming and proccessing methods. We stand by our product every step of the way, from tide to table.

Sustainable all the way through. dsc03843.jpg

As part of the Taylor Shellfish family of farms we are able to produce our own larvae in our hatchery and complete the full cycle of sustainable farming. At our farms we raise the seed in our nurseries, and place it on our beaches or in our floating surface bag system, where our farmers care for it until its ready for harvest. We process our shellfish on sight in Fanny Bay, a Canadian Food Inspection Agency registered facility, where we can ensure the traceability for each product that we distribute to our customers all over the world. As the largest producer of shellfish in Canada we pride ourselves on only providing the best, sustainable, top quality products to our customers.

Hands holding shellfish seeds

Grown in the cold, clear waters of the British Columbia coastline, our shellfish are able to benefit from the naturally nutrient rich areas in which we farm. We are proud aquaculture community fellows and participate in the long traditions of shellfish farming while also modernizing our practices so that we can continue to farm with future generations. We welcome our customers to visit us and view our practices in action in beautiful British Columbia. You can eat at our new Oyster Bar & Shellfish Market in Vancouver, which is an OceanWise partner. We are motivated by the environment and work hard to make sure our local waters stay clean so we can always ensure our products are fresh and safe to eat. 

"We are stewards to the marine environment and actively bring awareness to issues that the oceans face and the impacts they have on the shellfish industry."

Bill Taylor, President/Owner of Fanny Bay Oysters