Sustainable farming from the beginning.

Hands holding oyster seedsSince our start, Fanny Bay Oysters has farmed with the future in mind. Over the last two decades this legacy has continued as a part of the Taylor Shellfish family of farms, a 5th generation family owned company. Our ability to farm relies on clean waters and sustainable aquaculture activities. Because we grow our products from hatchery to harvest, we are able to ensure the whole process is completed using environmentally responsible and ethical practices. We believe in being active stewards of the marine environment and work closely with our community to shape our farms to be restorative shellfish aquaculture for our areas biodiversity. 

Shellfish are filter feeders.


Unlike other forms of aquaculture we do not have to feed our crops. Oysters, clams, mussels, and other bivalves feed off algae in the water column and get all their food from the nutrient rich waters of the British Columbia. We rely on clean water and healthy ecosystems to keep our shellfish healthy and clean to eat. We actively educate our staff, customers, and communities about the importance of clean water, not only for our farms, but for all marine life. Shellfish play an essential role in our marine ecosystems and provide infrastructure to much of the diverse sea life in the Salish Sea.

We continue to educate our customers on how we can all contribute to the future of food.

dsc01898.jpgWe participate in research in order to increase our sustainable knowledge and improve our industry standards. Issues like clean water conservation, ocean acidification, micro-plastics, and harmful algae detection are just a few of the research fields we support to better the environment. We also focus on innovative growing techniques to grow our farms as a renewable resource for generations to come.

We are growing our farms as the world's demand for a sustainable protein surges. People want to know where their food is coming from and we can show our farming processes from start to finish as a viable enduring practice that continues to adapt. As part of the British Columbia Shellfish Growers Association we are recognized as an Ocean Wise Certified producer.

"We are constantly raising awareness about keep our waters clean and showing the results of a healthy environment in our shellfish."

Brian Yip - Fanny Bay General Manager

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